May 15, 2014

Photo Diary 003

Hey everyone! Sorry for yet another hiatus but I'm happy to announce I'm on summer break now and will actually have time to write posts! Karmaloop is having an awesome sale and if you use the code Gurl50 you can get an additional 50% off the already ridiculously low prices AND if use my rep code Charpology with the promo you will get an additional 10% off. You can see what I ordered below.

Here's a few photos I've taken the last couple weeks:
Last week this little gem showcasing my ghostly legs was featured on Urban Outfitters' #UOONYOU section which as super exciting.
The best way to get prepared for finals week was a surprise visit from this handsome man. 
Life of a future art teacher. 
It's so good to be home and being able to go shopping and on lunch dates with my momma.
I don't know how to whisper and I don't have an inside voice so this seemed appropriate. 
Dress: h&m // Jacket: Marshalls // Necklace: h&m similar here // Purse: Coach
I found the perfect plant for my troll. Juncea is an air plant which simply means it doesn't need to be put in soil and is misted with water when they appear dehydrated, maybe every couple weeks.
My ring collection is growing rapidly and I'm so happy about it but it may be time for me to add some more branches to my little tree.
I think she's happy I'm home. 
My Bonnaroo wristband and goodies came this week and I couldn't be more excited. Only 28 days! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
Check back next week for this past semester's portfolio.

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