May 17, 2014


Hey everyone! Unfortunately our internet decided it doesn't like Apple products which is, of course, everything I own and my computer will only connect once in a blue moon. When it finally does, I can't shut my computer or I lose connection for another few days- super irritating. Well I finally had my internet connected and I shut my computer in my sleep... oops. So I'm writing this post from my phone which means I wasn't able to write the post for my spring portfolio yet. We're out of town for the holiday weekend where I also won't have internet so I'll try to write the post when I get back if the wi-fi gods are in my favor. 
But for now here's how I styled the slip dress I ordered from Karmaloop last week.

Slip Dress: Karmaloop // Sweater: J. Jill (old similar) // Sandals: Target (Yes, they're kids and 25% off with Cartwheel app!) // Sunnies: Urban Outfitters
Thanks for stopping by and have a great holiday weekend!

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