May 30, 2014

Digital Portfolio: Spring 2014

I'd like to start off by apologizing for the delay on this digital portfolio. I've been having an internal battle with what I wanted to share from the semester so I kept putting the post off (on top of our wi-fi being so temperamental). I wasn't completely enthusiastic about some of the projects I had this semester and I felt like that was showing in my work which was a bit disheartening. The more I've looked at my projects in the last few weeks, the more I feel confident in sharing them now. Sorry for the less than professional photos of my work- I took them on my phone as I finished them to send to my mom, Kyle, and probably some of you!
This semester I only had two studios- Intro to Sculpture and Photo Studio I. I decided I'm only going to share my sculpture projects and some drawings I did on my own in this specific post. I will update my photography blog with the projects I worked on in my Photo Studio at some point this weekend and update this post/ share it via social media if you are interested.

Introduction to Sculpture
Metal Lathe, Burlap, Plaster, Oil and Acrylic Paint
For our first project we had to pick an object from nature to recreate large scale out of metal lathe (essentially corrugated razor blades- YIKES), burlap and plaster. I decided on a pine cone- I failed to think about the fact that I would have to cut out all of the individual scales. I'm still not sure (and neither was anyone in my class) how we were supposed to go about the colors for these sculptures but most of them ended up being trippy rainbow colors. This was one of the projects I wasn't sure about sharing strictly because I was so unhappy with the colors, I felt completely out of control with watered down acrylic and oil paints. However I decided to share it because I'm really happy with the form considering it was my first attempt with a metal armature and plaster.
Bottle Caps, Hot Glue, Twine
Remember this post when I mentioned I would be working with bottle caps to create a sculpture? Well here's the end result. For this project we had to choose one object and a form of attachment to create something completely different from its original use. It was a long and tedious process of smashing hundreds of bottle caps and trying to find a means of attachment but I'm extremely satisfied with the end result of almost flower-like forms. My favorite part (aside from the fact that it's bottle caps) is that no two forms are exactly the same.
Magnified Mirror, Styrafoam, Wire, Magic Sculpt, Model Paints, Sharpie
For our final project we had to choose an object and create a narrative by sculpting something out of Magic Sculpt. I chose the magnified side of a compact mirror and-with my mom's help-came up with the idea of using the mirror as the pupil of an eye. I thought about it and I wanted to create a borderline disturbing eye that would make people uncomfortable for a number of reasons. For one, I like to place it at a height where people are forced to look directly into the mirror and look at themselves at an unsettling distance. When I showed it during the critique many people were too uncomfortable with the unflattering worm's eye view to look at it for more than a quick glance. Additionally I made the eye very large and made the optic nerve as bloody looking as I could while also creating a creature-like stance. This is a piece I feel you really have to see in person to get the full effect. 

Personal Work
This semester I decided to spend more time drawing in my free time and I thought I would share a few.
Sharpie on Drawing Paper
Following a discussion of Zentangles in my Art Education class, I went home and tried to work on a printmaking lesson plan. I had so many thoughts going through my head and had no idea how I was going to go about writing a lesson on an art technique I have only done once in my life-in middle school no less. So I picked up my sketchbook and a sharpie and started illustrating everything that was going through my mind. What was stressing me out took up most of the page but the upper cloud area are symbols of the things that help me put the stressors into perspective.
Pen and Ink on Cardstock
This semester seemed to drag on for an eternity for some reason so I created this little fish turning around right as he reached the surface. It was meant to symbolize giving up right before you reach the end- a little reminder for me to keep pushing on until the end.
Oil Pastels on Construction Paper
I rarely work in color simply because I'm more comfortable working with values in black and white. So this semester I challenged myself to work with color. This fish is the same general idea as the one above but it's a direct illustration of "swimming" through until the end.

Oil Pastels on Construction Paper
Here's another example of working with color value scales. I know it's hard to tell because the picture is the same size as the rest, but I worked larger scale and taped four pieces of 9"x12" construction paper together. I have this on the ceiling above my bed at school as an "installation" piece to give the illusion of birds flying overhead.
Graphite on Drawing Paper
At the end of the semester I started working with more expressive lines and trying to cut down the time it takes for me to execute a drawing. Typically, it can take me an hour or more just to get down the basic sketch of what I'm drawing. I'm taking Intro to Painting in the fall and I would like to spend less time sketching my subject and more time painting so I've been working on getting my sketch and shading time down to an hour or less.
I'll keep you posted when the photography is up!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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