January 29, 2014

Photo Diary 001

Camera phones, in my opinion, are the one of the most fabulous inventions of the century for a couple of reasons. Cameras, especially DSLRs, can be bulky and the battery will likely die at the exact moment of the perfect shot. Cell phones, however, were clearly intended for portability and convenience and at this point people are rarely without their charged phone. While they may not be engineer-sized print quality, they can help ensure you never miss another great photo op. I'm constantly thankful I have a camera on my phone because sometimes I just can't quite describe that shirt or I need to remember what that sign said or that there's a Kodak Moment (ha ha I couldn't resist). End Rant. 

I believe you can learn a lot about a person based on their Camera Roll or Photos app. They're a lot like a wordless diary; there's some pointless junk you thought was important and things you don't want people to see and some strokes of genius you want to share. I never really kept a diary when I was younger but the media makes it look like a blast to look into people's diaries (as long as you don't get caught!). Think of this as an open invitation to snoop in the diary your sister used to hide under her pillow...without the consequences of course! 
For whatever reason, I'm actually relatively excited for Valentine's Day this year. I think it may just be all the cute decorations out or it could be the perfectly cheesy plans I have for Kyle. How cute is this elephant basket I thrifted this winter break for only 50 cents? I knew he would be the perfect addition to my room.

It was tough at first, coming back to school and adjusting to the downgrade from a queen to a twin bed. However, the colors and string lighting in my room give off such a warm, cozy feeling that helped me settle back in pretty quickly. I always joke about how my room makes me feel like I'm living in a fuzzy little cave.

Since I've gotten back to school, I have been making smoothies almost everyday for breakfast and lunch I love that there are endless combinations. This single-serving blender was such a perfect buy for me, it keeps me from making too much and it's designed to be able to drink directly from the blender jar which means less dishes!
Only 24 days until I get to wear this little mini number to the bar. The geometric cage is super fun and different, I couldn't resist buying it (especially for the price!!). I can't wait to pair it with some tights and a pair of booties.

I found these awesome gold-toned, faux-croc Sam & Libby tuxedo flats at Target this past week for under $20 (they're on sale in stores). I'm dying for all of this snow to go away, the anticipation of wearing these is becoming overwhelming.
This semester I decided to go an extra step in organizing my notebooks: color-coordinating. Each class has a specific color that is used for notebooks/ folders, notes, and writing assignments in my agenda. Can tell you I like to stick with a cool color palette? 
HS Art Education // Art History B // Interpersonal Communication // Intro to Sculpture // Photography Studio
I finally got a chance to see my Melting Cup on display in the lobby of the art building It's exciting to see it on display, although I am a little bummed you can't really see the handle melting off into the puddle on the back. To learn more about this cup, visit this post.
I love my new statement necklace display because it gives a little bit of shine when you first walk in my room while making them easily accessible.

Sources: Elephant Basket: Thrifted// Sheepskin Pillow & Blanket// Single-Serve Blender & Tervis// Minidress // Tuxedo Flats & Sheepskin Rug: Home Goods Similar// Rag Rug: Kohls (Unavailable Online) & Label Maker & Bow Binder Clip & Pens and Agenda: Target (Unavailable Online) // Necklaces: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 all from Target Clearance & 4

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