January 14, 2014

Farm Show

I thought I should let the pictures speak for themselves to start out this post before I go into a further explanation for those of you who don't live in Central PA. The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the largest agricultural exposition in the nation and this past week was the 98th annual farm show. There is plenty to do for farmers and non-farmers alike. There is an overwhelming amount of locally produced food although I can't go to a farm show without getting the mozzarella cubes (first picture) and a milkshake. There are thousands of animals and breeds you would never imagine-who knew there were chickens with such beautiful afros or bunnies the size of a small dog? The animals are definitely my favorite part because some of them seem like they're posing for me. There are always amazing competitive crafts exhibits, which I forgot to photograph, but I am hoping to enter something for next year. There are also many competitions and events going on throughout the week that are always a fun insight to the agricultural community. Every year there is a life-size butter sculpture made of 1,000 pounds of Land O' Lakes butter and this year paid tribute to the 60th year of the milkshake. The farm show is one of my favorite things about the new year and I always have to go more than once. Clearly just these few pictures don't do a week long event justice as there is so much more to see and do and I just posted a few of my favorites. 
Don't forget to mark your calendars for January 10-17, 2015 ;)
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