December 30, 2014

Sister Style: Look Alikes

Something Bailey and I hear A LOT is that we look the same. I mean, we are sisters so that's a given, but as we've gotten older our styles have also become more similar. It's funny because one of our go-to looks is jeans, a sweater/ sweatshirt and a (p)leather jacket and the only part of this post we really planned to match was our Toms. 
The struggles of self-timer and not knowing when it's actually taking pictures..
My Look: Jacket: Guess // Sweatshirt: Toms for Target // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Toms (Olive)
Bailey's Look: Jacket: Target // Sweater: Aeropostale // Jeans: American Eagle // Shoes: Toms (Ash)
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Thanks for Stopping by! xo
P.S. Sorry for the dark pictures- they weren't dark on Photoshop but as soon as I uploaded them onto Blogger- TOTAL darkness. yuck.

December 26, 2014

The Circular

 As I already mentioned, Sunday was Bailey's birthday and for birthday's in our family we choose where we want our birthday meal (typically dinner) to be. Bailey decided she wanted to have brunch at The Circular at The Hershey Hotel-easier said than done considering her birthday is so close to Christmas and it was booked months in advance. But my parents pulled it off by calling to check for cancellations the morning of and wouldn't you know it, there was a cancellation for four. We were so excited for an excuse to get dressed up and, of course, the delicious brunch buffet. 
 The food was incredible and I simply couldn't get enough bacon. 
My Outfit: Dress: Free People // Tights: ASOS // Booties: Target
Bailey's Outfit: Tee: American Eagle // Skirt: Forever 21 // Cardigan: Marshalls // Necklace: Aeropostale
Mom's Dress: Calvin Klein
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Have a Great Weekend! xo

December 25, 2014

From Our Family to Yours....

Merry Christmas!
Bailey's Jammies: Flannel: Target // Shirt: Betsey Johnson // Socks: Lucky Brand
Mom's Jammies: Shirt & Pants: Gap Body //  Socks: G.H. Bass
My Jammies: Shirt: Cotton On // Sweater: Free People // Leggings: Target // Slippers: Muk Luks
Boy's Jammies:... unknown... boys 

For our Christmas tradition we wake up around 8ish, open presents, eat chocolate croissants, and have a marathon of the movies/ TV shows we unwrap.

What are your traditions?
This was the first time in a few years that we have had all the cousins together for Christmas Eve and the very first picture documenting it. 
My Outfit Details Here
Mom's Dress: J.Jill
 Photobombed by Lily
 My sweet little cousin requested I put a picture of us up and I simply had to oblige.
In case you haven't seen it on Instagram yet, we had a mother-daughter matching moment last night with our Pandora rings and Lokai bracelets.
"You really didn't share with us?"

Merry Duckmas ;) (Lily photobombed at the last second and Macey knew better but I swear I'm showing some duck pride behind it)
Have a Great, Safe Day and Hug your Loved Ones! xo

December 24, 2014

Holiday Leather

 Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow and leave it to me to not have any of my gifts wrapped yet.. oops chronic procrastination strikes again. I bought everything with plenty of time, I just dread wrapping because I'm not very good yet and have way too high of standards. Anyone else have this issue? 
Anyway, we're having some family and friends over tonight for Christmas Eve and I love a reason to play dress-up and always take advantage of holidays. I've been obsessed with my (p)leather leggings from Cotton On lately because they add a fun touch to any look. Tartan/ plaid is always an essential around Christmas and I found this tank on clearance at the end of summer and couldn't resist. I wanted to get a few pictures of this look in case I forget tonight (I always have my phone and somehow still don't take pictures) and since the weather didn't want to cooperate we (Bailey and I) snapped a few in front of the tree. 
Jacket: Forever 21 // Tank: Ralph Lauren // Leggings: Cotton On // Boots: Target // Necklace: J.Crew
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Merry Christmas Eve! 
Have a Great Safe Holiday! xo

December 21, 2014

Sister Style: 15 Years

This is an extra special sister style because today is Bailey's 15th birthday. Seriously? 15? I can't believe how quickly time has been moving. I still remember the night she was born and how my mom used to tell me "one day you're going to be best friends" as we fought over silly things. Of course, my mom was right and we still have our fair share of silly fights but she has become my best friend and I can't imagine life without her.
I tried to find an old picture of us actually looking like we liked each other but instead, here's one where it looks like I'm forcing her to stay in the water with me.
 We styled holiday looks in our own styles with some super cheesy poses that are all too descriptive of us. 
My Look:Vest: Target // Knit Top: American Eagle // Jeans: Guess // Boots: Target
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Bailey's Look: Scarf: Dress Barn // Shirt: Macys // Jeggings: American Eagle
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Happy Birthday to my sweet sister!
Thanks for Stopping by! xo

December 20, 2014

Recycled Paper Ornament

In honor of Christmas being in five days, I came up with a quick and easy ornament DIY. The best part about this tutorial (in my opinion) is that it can be made with things you likely already have around the house. 
Paper (I used a phonebook)
Glue Stick
Wooden Skewer
Aluminum Foil
Hot Glue
To roll the paper tubes:
Cut the paper in half
Place the skewer in the bottom corner and roll tightly away from you
Use a small bit of glue to secure the end
Pull the skewer out
Make an aluminum foil ball.
Try to remove lumps or they will show when you glue the paper tubes.
 Attach one end of a tube with hot glue and start wrapping it around itself tightly. 
Continue wrapping until you end out of tube.
 To attach another tube:
When you rolled the tubes you may have noticed one end is smaller than the other.
Simply insert one end into the existing tube.
 Continue wrapping tubes around the shape of the foil ball.
 As you reach the other side, hot glue a loop of string in the center.
Continue wrapping paper tubes to fill the space around the string.
When you get to the end, snip off the extra and be sure the end is glued down.
Tada! Now you have a recycled paper ornament to give as a last minute gift or to add to your own tree.

I'd love to see your version if you create one!
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Happy Crafting! xo
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